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TranScan is managing the process of catalog/brochures translations:

Scan – The software is scanning InDesign document , extract all texts paragraphs and save that list to database.

Export – The software export the list of paragraphs to excel sheet. That excel and pdf will be sent to translators.

Import – After getting back the excel from translators, you import the excel back to database – to the translation memory (T.M).

Create – You select the original English version and the software will be replacing all original text paragraphs with the translation from T.M.

Revise – After copy fit the translated catalog, The designer send back to translators an additional excel and pdf for revise. The translator will adjust the texts that need revise and send back the excel which will be imported again and the adjusted text will be replaced. That stage of the process can be done several times.

Helptsd – Shimru Nafsham

'Shimru Nafsham' is a community that works for post-trauma victims during military service, providing support and assistance to victims, and raising awareness of early identification and proper treatment.

Krembo Wings

'Krembo Wings' is the only inclusive youth movement in Israel for children and youth with and without disabilities, providing weekly social activities for young people with all types of mental and physical disabilities together with their able-bodied peers. Established in 2002, Krembo Wings operates tens of branches across Israel, and welcomes thousands of young people aged 7 to 21 from all cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.


'Tachlit' is a non-profit organization with no political affiliation. We assist needy families, orphans and widows without exception. The organization is operated by a volunteer team. Founded in August 1998, our activities are made possible by public donations. The organization supports 1,800 needy families and 12,600 children throughout the country on the eve of the holidays, and every month in hundreds of families.